Candidate partner: Local Action Group "Bura"

Institution Name: Local Action Group "Bura"
Address: Petra Zoranica 61, 23243 Maslenica
Possible lead partner: Yes
Interested in existing projects: Yes
Interested in project ideas: Yes
Description of project / project ideas:

Sustainable Management and Development of Natural and Cultural Landscapes

The purpose of this project is to develop a bottom-up, evidence-based model and smart instruments for protection, management and use of natural and cultural heritage as a leverage for sustainable development based on valorization of the landscape as a whole. The partners on the project are relevant stakeholders who directly participate in landscape management and decision making such as local administrative bodies, natural and national parks management and tourist boards which ensures that the project outputs will be implemented. The initial phase of the project is valorizing landscapes and seascapes. The basic analytical procedure includes Historic Landscape Characterization (HLC) including geo diversity, biodiversity and Historic Landscape Character. The basic medium for HLC is LiDAR/ALS as the most adequate and the most precise multifunctional representation and virtualization of space. The project outputs include a refined model and methodology of landscape valorization, character assessment of landscapes and seascapes, action plan for establishing a framework for landscape based tourism, comprehensive management, protection and use of landscape by inclusion of all relevant stakeholders. Finally, a project output includes a knowledge transfer medium through publicly available digital GIS interface with Landscape Character Assessment.

Mediterranean Rural Festival

We will make a joint collaboration in to order to connect closer our culture, tradition, local food and promote European Union values.  Moreover, our aim is to have younger generations become proactive and get introduced to opportunities in agricultural sector, to learn more of their tradition and heritage and opportunities that can develop. The project would foster European citizenship and improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level in a manner of connecting our municipality and local officials, connecting our citizens to learn more, to exchange experience and be of positive influence, especially due to the fact that we come from similar cultures, backgrounds and rural seaside areas. Moreover, we aim through our collaboration to make cooperation between Mediterranean rural areas accessible and developed, resulting in greater motivation and collaboration between our agriculture producers and agriculture markets. We strive for possibility to make our connection sustainable and dynamical. Moreover, we can be an example of agricultural ambassadors of open European dialogue and offer an opportunity to small producers to present their products, integrate and network.

Mathematica Ludus

New way of learning mathematics, Hejny method with individual emphasis on the development of innovation, problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, social and other competencies. Exchanging ideas, education of mathematics teachers that get to learn from examples of good practice established in the Czech Republic.
It presents a creative way of learning and thinking which encourages pupils to be more involved in solving tasks and developing their own logical judgment. Program is centered on collaboration, sharing ideas and social inclusion. It is a new method of increasing both mathematics and social skills.
The transition to pupils' education and training is further promoted, with the aim of developing the competences needed for lifelong learning. The Hejny method fully complies with these requirements. It offers a different approach to teaching math, which encourages students to be more involved in solving tasks. The contribution of the method to pupils is not just an increase in mathematics but development in their social skills and inclusion.
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Thematic Objective / Investment Priorities:
(6) preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency by:
  • (6c) conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage
  • (6d) protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services, including through Natura 2000, and green infrastructure
(4) supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors by:
  • (4c) supporting energy efficiency, smart energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure, including in public buildings, and in the housing sector
(10) investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and lifelong learning by developing education and training infrastructure
  • (10 ETC) ETC specific, for cross-border cooperation: investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and lifelong learning by developing and implementing joint education, vocational training and training schemes
(11) enhancing institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and efficient public administration through actions to strengthen the institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administrations and public services related to the implementation of the ERDF, and in support of actions under the ESF to strengthen the institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administration
  • (11 ETC) ETC specific, for cross-border cooperation: enhancing institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and efficient public administration by promoting legal and administrative cooperation and cooperation between citizens and institutions
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