Candidate partner: fondazione teatro piemonte europa

Institution Name: fondazione teatro piemonte europa
Address: via santa teresa 23 turin, italy
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We are interested in being a partner of any european projects in which our expertise can be useful and in finding a project leader involved in planning  european projects.


Teatro Piemonte Europa Foundation was founded in Turin in 2007 and it has recognized by the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (Ministry of National Heritage and Culture) as a Theatre of significant cultural interest (TRIC)

The founding idea of the project provides for the creation of an alternative theatre centre dedicated to the production of performances that aim to cross artistic forms and territorial borders, and to build a permanent dialogue with other theatre centres with similar characteristics spread all over Europe.

The mainly part of the Foundation’s activity is represented by the stage season, formerly taking place at the Teatro Astra. TPE (Teatro Piemonte Europa) mainly fosters international projects and young creativity, specially the one focusing on the research of alternative artistic forms. Profitable collaborations have grown up during the years, especially with the Théâtre La Passerelle of Gap, the TNG of Lyon, the Cartoucherie of Paris and the Teatr Śląski of Katowice, Poland. Successful shows have been devised, praised both by audience and critics, with the participation of great directors and actors such as Elio Germano, Giuseppe Battiston, Michele Di Mauro, Flavia Mastrella, Antonio Rezza and Giulia Lazzarini.

During these years, the Foundation has promoted and backed up many local emerging companies in the field of theatre and dance, through actual supports to production and co-productions: since a long time, in fact, the TPE Foundation upholds the artistic scene of Piedmont by offering the rehearsal room of the Teatro Astra as an open space for the experimentation of new artistic forms. Besides the stage season, TPE organizes meetings, labs and workshops to take the audience along a path of deeper and more complex understanding.

TPE keeps on developing and distributing activities linked to the European and Italian contemporary drama scene, aiming to foster and boost remarkable collaborations with successful artists and a permanent team of young people and promising talents.

The won EU project: Alcotra and Creative Europe

Alcotra 2008. “Gli Scavalcamontagne”.

In accordance with the important French theatre Scéne National du Gap, the TPE Foundation in March 2008 has presented a winning Intereg project entitled “Gli Scavalcamontagne”, in the sphere of Alcotra, a project targeted to international cooperation and financed by the European Union: the project includes the realization of different “across-the-border” initiatives linking the cities of Turin and Gap and offering the ideal space for a dialogue of artists coming from different European countries, particularly Italy and France. And additionally, the Foundation will be also focusing on education, with interesting projects devised in collaboration with regional, national and European realities.

Creative Europe 2017. Q.THEATRE - Theatrical Recreations of Don Quixote in Europe

The great cultural milestones that shape Europe determine its culture and the very concept of Europe. The aim of this project is to encourage and make the audience’s introduction to stage adaptations of "Don Quixote" easier, a medium that allows access to its values, and tounderstand, through theatre, the role of the Cervantes’s novel in the shaping of European culture. Focused on thereception of "Don Quixote" in the European stage, this project develops two complementary aspects. The former aims to the tracking and location of European plays influenced by “Don Quixote” in order to create an accessible data base, enriched with audio-visual material (captioned videos of the performances, photos, theatrical texts / plays, posters...),whose data should also serve as a source for historical and literary analysis. This database is provided as a space of visibility and dissemination of quixotic recreations, with the aim of bringing the plays close to diverse audiences using web resources. The latter is artistic, and it encourages the collaboration, advice and technical support of amateur and professional theatre groups for them to stage productions inspired by the novel. Both aspects of the project will allow us to learn how "Don Quixote" has participated, as a common cultural icon, in the shaping of Europe through theatre, and how it continues - and can continue in the future - reflecting, on stage, values which are common to all European countries.



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