Clear your doubts regarding KEEP, how it works and also regarding its expressions (browse the set of queries on this page by subject). Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact the team responsible for KEEP.

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Budget. In the graphic snapshot section, why are there no results on budget per country?


Data. How complete, accurate and up-to-date is the data shown in Keep?
Data. How is data collected?
Data. How is data processed in
Data. Is there specific data not included in
Data. What are the limitations of data in Keep?
Data. What kind of data is available in
Data. When did the project start collecting data on the Territorial Cooperation programmes?
Data. Who contributes to Keep?


EUSBSR, what is it?


Geocoding. What is it? How does use it?
Get results URL: What is it?


Heat map. What is it?


Investment Priorities: What are they? What is their use?


Keep. What is Keep?
Keep. Why was established?


Lead partner. What is it?
Lead partner. When visualising the NUTS regions on a lead partner map, why are NUTS regions without a lead partner coloured?


Macro-regional strategies, what are they?
Maps. How do the maps in work?
Maps. How to use the map to select countries and regions?
Maps. Why are maps coloured? What do the colours mean?


NUTS. What is it? How does this relate to Keep?


Partner intensity. What is it?
Partner Search. What is it? What is it for?
Partner. What is it?
Partnership. What is it?
Programmes. What does it mean within the scope of Keep?
Programming period. What is it?
Project partner. What is it?
Project partner. Why does the search for projects with a project (or lead) partner based in country Y return a lead partner map showing lead partners in several countries?
Project status (ongoing/closed). What is it?
Project. What are projects in


Quick search. Which fields of are included in quick search?


Representativeness of What is it? How is it calculated?


Source. What does this mean?


Technical Assistance (T.A.): Why is it not included in
Thematic Objectives. What are they? What is their use?
Thematics. In the search per thematics (graphic snapshots), the number of projects per thematic and the budgets per thematic are not consistent with the actual number of projects/budgets. Why?
Thematics. What are they? How are they assigned to projects?
Type of programme. What is it?