About keep.eu

Keep is the only source of aggregated data regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation programmes among the member States, and between member States and neighbouring countries. The Interact Programme, with the support of the European Commission and the remaining Interreg, Interreg IPA cross-border and ENPI/ENI cross-border programmes, built this database and maintains it, as part of its mission. The database covers the 2000-2006, 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 periods.

Keep users are free to copy and redistribute the data, images, charts and maps obtained from keep.eu in any medium or format, and to build upon them for any lawful purpose. When using any of the mentioned material, users must give appropriate credit to keep.eu, provide a link to keep.eu and indicate if changes were made. This can be done in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests that the source (keep.eu) or its proprietor (Interact) endorses the user of this material or its use.

Other useful resources regarding keep.eu and its data

  • To learn more about the data in keep.eu (how it is collected and processed, how accurate, and its limitations), refer to FAQ (queries about data).
  • To learn how to create stable links to search results (to be used in websites other than keep.eu), also refer to FAQ (entry regarding Quick search).
  • To check how representative the data in keep.eu is of the sector, check the representativity tables in Statistics.
  • To contact the keep.eu team use the e-mail address keep.support@interact-eu.net, either to get assistance with any difficulty or to send any comments and suggestions, or to receive news regarding keep.eu (simply mention 'news' on the subject of the message).

About the keep.eu team (current version and system)

  • Executive management: Satu Hietanen (Interact)
  • Product & project management: Rafael Agostinho (Interact)
  • Technical management & EU macro-regional strategies: Janne Kiilunen (Interact)
  • Promotion: Linda Talve (Interact)
  • ENPI & ENI cross-border liaison: Aisling Walsh (Tesim)
  • Data quality check & programme updates: Robert Mühlegger
  • EU macro-regional strategies expertise: Baiba Liepa (Interact)
  • Basic intervention logic data for programme information: Daniela Minichberger (Interact)
  • Harmonised Implementation Tools expertise: Lise Espersen (Interact), Polona Frumen (Interact)
  • eMS support to keep.eu automatic feeds: Aija Prince (Interact), Bogusława Łukomska (Interact), Christoph Werner (Interact), György Alföldy (Interact), Katrin Stockhammer (Interact)
  • keep.eu system hosting, maintenance: Arakne s.r.l.
  • IT development: Arakne s.r.l.
  • Web design: Arakne s.r.l.
  • Thematic map consultancy & operations: blue! advancing european projects GbR
  • Database operations (programme information): Jan Junas, Mária Tömösváryová
  • Database operations (projects, partners, data): Arakne s.r.l.
  • Web interface testing 2016: Deep Blue S.r.l.
  • Support to web interface testing 2016: Jean-Marc Veninaux (European Commission), Gianluca Comuniello (European Commission), Philipp Schwartz (Interact), Stefan Atanasov (Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria), Veli-Pekka Suuronen (2014 - 2020 INTERREG V-A Finland - Estonia - Latvia - Sweden (Central Baltic) Programme)
  • SEO support (2016): H-FARM S.p.a.
  • Translation of matrix landing page into the 24 EU official languages plus Norwegian: SeproTec Multilingual Solutions
  • Revision of landing pages in the 24 EU official languages plus Norwegian: Antonija Grizelj (Interact), Arve Skjerpen (Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation), Baiba Liepa (Interact), Carmen Dalli (Ministry for Social Affairs and Equality, Malta), Deimantė Jankūnaitė (Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania), Florin Neculcea (Interact), Frank Everaarts (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO), Guillaume Terrien (Interact), Hannes Nagel (Ministry of Finance, Estonia), Ivano Magazzu (Interact), Janne Kiilunen (Interact), John Ó Liodáin (Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Ireland), Jörg Mirtl (Interact), Katerina Kring (Interact), Laura Belenguer (Interact), Linda Talve (Interact), Małgorzata Zdunek (Interact), Margarita Golovko (Ministry of Finance, Estonia), Milada Hronková (Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic), Monica Tanaka (Interact), Niels Bjerring Hansen (Danish Business Authority), Pavel Lukeš (Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic), Peter Racz (Interact), Petra Masácova (Interact), Philipp Schwartz (Interact), Polona Frumen (Interact), Rafael Agostinho (Interact), Tomas Kirslys (Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania), Ulf Wikström (Interact)
  • Property: Interact III. Interact is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Member States of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland.