2007 - 2013 Sweden - Norway (SE-NO)

Programme websitehttp://www.interreg-sverige-norge.com/beviljade-projekt/projektarkiv/projekt-2007-2013-beslut-och-slutrapporter/
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List of covered countries
  • NO Norway / NORGE
  • SE Sweden / SVERIGE

Information regarding the data in keep.eu

Last month that data in keep.eu was retrieved from the Programme's website or received from the ProgrammeJanuary 2012
Fields missing in data supplied by this programme- Project partners (no contact details available in 47% of the projects)
- 98% of project achievements
- Co-financing by European Union fund (in 3% of the projects)
Language of the data in keep.euNorwegian, Swedish
No. of projects in keep.eu / Total no. of projects (% of projects in keep.eu)162 / 197 (82%)
No. of project partnerships in keep.eu / Total no. of project partnerships (% of project partnerships in keep.eu)242 / 375 (64%)
Notes on the dataInformation provided by the Programme