Project - Developing Alternative Tourism Aspects


Description: The competitiveness of the cross-border tourism industry is closely linked to its sustainability, as the quality of tourist destinations is strongly influenced by their natural and cultural environment and their integration into the local community. The project Tourism Data promotes the cross- border region as an ideal destination for alternative tourism and specifically sport tourism, agrotourism and ecotourism. Especially, it focuses on the following main activities; Current situation and SWOT analysis study for alternative tourism in selected areas of the cross-border region Best practices and case studies in Europe, Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Maintenance and signaling of selected sites in Florina of the E4, E6 and E46 long-distance paths Construction of trim paths by Municipality of Strumica What is more, project partners will develop a manual of marketing strategies on alternative tourism, as well as a TV travelogue and virtual tours for selected sites in order to attract more tourists in the region. Information and publicity actions include a project’s communication plan, a website, promotional material and open events.

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Developing Alternative Tourism Aspects
Project acronym: TOURISM DATA

Period: 2007-2013
Date of latest update: 2016-06-30


Project start date: 2012-06-12
Project status: Ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 340.060,00

Project documents

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Region of Western Macedonia
Lead Partner: Region of Western Macedonia
Address: Kozani, Greece
Legal status: n/a

Address: Strumica, North Macedonia
Legal status: n/a

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