Description: Within TGN, partners from France and the UK aim to develop and promote their green tourism centres to improve community and visitor involvement and contribute to the development of green tourism in the 2 Seas area. While operating in the same field – Environmental Education and Green Tourism – each centre has developed distinct approaches to site and facility management, audience development, marketing, and education. They will therefore learn a lot from each other about the protection and enhancement of natural heritage and benefit from shared promotional, educational and green tourism tools. To enhance the attractiveness of their green tourism centres, partners will pool their knowledge on effective site management and conservation, train tourism personnel to promote general and local green tourism issues and develop new and sustainable partnerships. Bilingual tools will also be developed in aid of discovery, education and learning for schools and the general public, and to promote the aims of the project, its partners and their local produce.
Achievements: What were the key results of the project? 3 staff learning and familiarisation days took place involving approximately 70 participants 9 bilingual green tourism learning tools produced and are being used by the 3 sites Arena, Reculver and Romney Marsh 5 Green Fairs which brought new visitors to towns in the project (Herne Bay 3000 visitors, Whitstable 2000 visitors, Folkestone 7200 visitors, Arena fairs 1500 visitors 4 bilingual discovery tools were installed (2 Interactive screens, iPhone app and website) 2 video clips were produced and are being used as teaching aids for Reculver and Romney Marsh 26 different leaflets were produced in English and French and distributed both sides of the channel (20 by CAB, 2 by Canterbury 4 by Shepway) TGN project & the sites were promoted at 12 shows by the Boulogne/ Folkestone KWT tourism partnership 10 000 promotional mail outs promoting the 3 centres were sent to Nord pas de Calais schools 2000 promotional leaflets promoting the 3 centres were sent to Kent schools 1 Lookers Hut was constructed in Romney Marsh as both a teaching aid and to attract visitors. Did all partners and territories benefit from the results? The main project beneficiaries were: - Green Tourism Personnel who acquired new knowledge and extended their partnership network - Conservationists who learnt about other sites,different ways of managing sites and extended their partnership networks - Local communities who were much more involved in their improved centres - School groups who had new discovery and educational tools to explore the centres with What were the effects / outcomes for the territories involved? The effects/outcomes for participating territories were as follows: - Increased school visits to Reculver and Romney Marsh which had never received a school visit (1st French school visited in May 2011) - Increased community involvement and many more visitors to the 3 territories due to the project brochures published (which needed to be reprinted within 3 months), the 5 Green Fairs and the extensive promotional activity carried out by project partners - Improved sustainable site management thanks to 8 educational meetings between educationalists and site managers - Improved awareness and understanding of the visitor centres achieved through media coverage, show attendance and pop-up displays (it is estimated that 2000 people visited the stand at each event) - Greater awareness of green visitor attractions in the programme area thanks to the high quality and varied media coverage

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Project Summary

Project acronym: TGN

Period: 2007-2013
Date of latest update: 2016-07-01


Project start date: 2008-09-01
Project end date: 2011-12-31
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 772.864,00
European Union funding: EUR 386.431,00

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Lead Partner (EN): Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais
Lead Partner: Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais
Address: Boulogne-sur-mer, France
Legal status: n/a

Address: Maidstone, United Kingdom
Legal status: n/a
Address: Canterbury, United Kingdom
Legal status: n/a
Address: Folkestone, United Kingdom
Legal status: n/a
Address: Folkestone, United Kingdom
Legal status: n/a
Address: Boulogne-sur-mer, France
Legal status: n/a

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