Project - Promoting Zero Waste

the Programme: 2007 - 2013 Programme MED


Description: The Zerowaste Pro aims to capitalize the results and outputs along with the know-how and expertise acquired in the Med and other EU projects implemented by the partnership with the aim of promoting sustainable low-cost waste management strategies in the MED region and IPA countries with an emphasis on waste prevention, reuse, recycling and composting and to establish synergies between the participating countries and their relative stakeholders so as to integrate the highest level of cooperation and integration. The focus on low cost-sustainable waste management options is of particular importance in this time of economic recession. This will be done through the following actions: 1) International conferences in each of the eight participating countries which will disseminate the existing tools and results and further develop them to include and integrate them within existing practices and experiences of the new participating stakeholders. 2) Training activities through workshops and training of trainers will be developed and carried out aimed at transmitting the developed tools to the local decision makers, including both public and private stakeholders. 3) The project will have a very strong communication strategy which will include guides, information packages, info days, web based information platforms, printed material, presentation in schools including an environmental education pack, press releases and technical articles. 4) A pilot application of a green island will be implemented in Bedekovčina. 5) An information package aimed at SMEs and industrial areas will be developed to address how low cost sustainable zero waste management initiatives can be realized by this sector. The project will result in increased awareness and training of key actors in the waste management sector in the participating regions. The extended access to a range of tools disseminated through the project and an increase in low-cost zero waste strategies.
Achievements: Publications o The Green Guide - A guide on green waste management solutions. o The White Paper - A White Paper on SMEs and Industrial Areas in relation to the production and management of waste. o Training guides and "Train the Trainers" course on green waste management solutions. The aim is to train officers of Local Government on alternative waste management practices in order ensure that this knowledge produced will "remain" in municipalities also after the end of the project. o Newsletters Tools o Educational Tool on Recycling, addressed to teachers. o CO2 Calculator handbook: Instructions for using the CO2 online tool which helps measure the CO2 footprint of the Municipalities and Regions. o On-line Networking Platform which will be a virtual meeting point of operators and scientists specialized in waste management. Pilot activities o Through Project ZEROWASTE PRO a unique Green Island will be established in the Municipality of Bedekovčina, Croatia.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Waste and pollution  

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Promoting Zero Waste
Project acronym: ZEROWASTE PRO

Period: 2007-2013
Date of latest update: 2015-03-01


Project status: Ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 851.049,00
European Union funding: EUR 656.946,00

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Lead Partner (EN): EGTC - EFXINI POLI-Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development
Lead Partner: EGTC - EFXINI POLI-Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development
Address: ATHENS, Greece
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Address: Ptuj, Slovenia
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Address: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Address: BEDEKOVCINA, Croatia
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Address: ATHENS, Greece
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Address: Milano, Italy
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Address: Marseille, France
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Address: Zaragoza, Spain
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Address: Marsascala, Malta
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