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Description: The CBSS Summer Youth Camp 2013 was initiated to foster informal learning, facilitate people-to-people contacts, intercultural dialogue and network-building between young people from Russia and other countries of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The project strived in particular to strengthen the BSR regional identity as well as building capacity among youth on sustainable lifestyles choices and actions allowing for sustainable development in the BSR.
Achievements: This was achieved through facilitating and enabling the participation of an international youth delegation of 20 people consisting of members of youth councils, young activists and volunteers from Germany, Norway, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania in the Baltic Artek Youth Camp in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia in August 2013. This group represented the majority of the international participants at the Youth Camp. The project also facilitated the arrangement of three workshops held in English at the `International Steam´ of the Baltic Artek Youth Camp. The `International Steam’ was one of nine themes of the Baltic Artek Youth Camp. The CBSS youth delegation was not only limited to participating in the `International Steam´, but the delegation travelled to Kaliningrad already on the 7th of August in order to take part in all of the events that the Youth Camp offered and stayed until the Camp ended on the 15th of August. The project convened affiliated youth organizations in the BSR, as well as representatives of higher education, for example the Baltic University Programme and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad City), which were responsible and in charge of arranging the three workshops held in English at the International Steam of the Baltic Artek Youth Camp.

Project Summary

Project name (EN): CBSS Summer youth camp
Project acronym: CBSS Summer youth camp

Date of latest update: 2017-01-26


Project start date: 2013-01-01
Project end date: 2014-12-31
Project status: Closed

Project part of European Union Macro-Regional or Sea Basin Strategy: EUSBSR
EUSBSR Priority (Policy) area / Horizontal action: HA Neighbours – Creating added value to the Baltic Sea cooperation by working with neighbouring countries and regions
EUSBSR Degree of compliance: flagship project

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Lead Partner (EN): CBSS Secretariat
Lead Partner: CBSS Secretariat
Address: Stockholm, Sweden
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