Project - Transalpine Transport Architects

the Programme: 2007 - 2013 Alpine Space


Description: In TRANSITECTS public institutions design common transnational intermodal solutions for freight transport in the Alpine Space. In the partnership different interests (economy, environment and transport) are integrated which is of crucial importance for a sustainable solution. Main aim of the project is to make the rail network more attractive and hence to foster its accessibility and functionality for the logistic market. The focus lies on developing innovative transnational rail services, on optimizing the use of existing rail infrastructure and on improving the accessibility of inland terminals. One innovative approach of the project is that it doesn't stop on the borders of Alpine Space as the traffic does neither. By cooperating closely with other European initiatives it creates synergies and leverage effects that have positive impacts on the Alpine Space and beyond. With these joint activities the project contributes to both, mitigation of negative effects of freight transport and promotion of the accessibility by rail.
Achievements: Main achievements are described in the final report available under: The report mainly focuses on elaborated ideas about new transalpine train services, describing approaches and presenting different pilot connections in combined transport. Furthermore, the report provides an insight in the environmental model which has been elaborated to calculate the environmental benefit of these new train services. Last not least, approaches in regard to the improvement of intermodal nodes and transalpine passes as well as networking activities with other projects are described and an overview on available dissemination material is given.

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Transalpine Transport Architects
Project acronym: TRANSITECTS

Period: 2007-2013
Date of latest update: 2016-03-01


Project start date: 2009-07-01
Project end date: 2012-06-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 3.209.375,00
European Union funding: EUR 2.439.125,00

Project part of European Union Macro-Regional or Sea Basin Strategy: EUSBSR
EUSBSR Priority (Policy) area / Horizontal action: PA Transport – Improving internal and external transport links
EUSBSR Degree of compliance: part of flagship project "Development of green corridors network"

Project documents

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development
Lead Partner: Deutscher Verband für Wohnungswesen, Städtebau und Raumordnung e.V.
Address: Littenstraße 10, Berlin, Germany
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Address: Schwambergerstr. 35, Ulm, Germany
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Address: Via Milano 13, Brescia, Italy
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Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, Roma, Italy
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Address: Langusova 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Legal status: n/a
Address: Via delle Industrie, 19 D, Venezia, Italy
Legal status: n/a
Address: Miesstaler Strasse 1, Klagenfurt, Austria
Legal status: n/a
Address: Michael Pacher Str. 36, Salzburg, Austria
Legal status: n/a
Address: Eduard Wallnöfer Platz 3, Innsbruck, Austria
Legal status: n/a
Address: Lindenstraße 34a, Potsdam, Germany
Legal status: n/a
Address: Via Restelli, 1, Milano, Italy
Legal status: n/a
Address: Palazzo Balbi - Dorsoduro 3901, Venezia, Italy
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Department: Logistics and Mobility
Address: Friedrichstr., Stuttgart, Germany
Legal status: public

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