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Description (EN): Tourscience aims to create a touristic offer based on scientific observations about climate change in the territory of Mont Blanc and Aosta Valley. Tourscience will project and develop scientific eco-tourism products in Mont Blanc's area in Chamonix and in the city of Torgnon (Aosta Valley). The touristic offer includes volunteering eco-tourism, through which the visitors will participate to data gathering and to observations on the effects of climate change, but also to the sensitization of other tourists on the issues related to environment and climate change.
Description: Tourscience vise à créer une offre de tourisme d’observations scientifiques centrées sur les effets du changement climatique sur le territoire du Mont-Blanc et de la Vallée d’Aoste. Tourscience propose de concevoir et d’élaborer des produits d’éco-tourisme scientifique sur le territoire du Mont-Blanc à Chamonix et dans la commune de Torgnon (Vallée d’Aoste). L’offre touristique inclut un éco-tourisme bénévole centré sur la participation des visiteurs à l’enregistrement des données et des observations sur les effets du changement climatique et sur la sensibilisation des touristes aux thèmes environnementaux et du changement climatique.
Description: TourScience mira a creare un'offerta di turismo di osservazioni scientifiche focalizzate sugli effetti dei cambiamenti climatici sul territorio del Monte Bianco e della Valle d'Aosta. TourScience propone di progettare e sviluppare prodotti di eco-turismo scientifico nel territorio del Monte Bianco a Chamonix e nel comune di Torgnon (Valle d'Aosta). L'offerta turistica include un eco-turismo volontario centrato sulla partecipazione dei visitatori nella raccolta dei dati e delle osservazioni sugli effetti del cambiamento climatico e di sensibilizzare i turisti alle problematiche ambientali e al cambiamento climatico.
Expected Results (EN): The creation of a volunteering touristic offer; a thematical path about climate change effects on flora and fauna and phenological eco-trekking; a specific training for eco-tourism guides.
Expected Results: conception d’une offre de séjours de « volontourisme », d’un sentier thématique d’observations des effets du changement climatique sur la faune et la flore, d’éco-randonnées phénologiques, de formation spécifique d’accompagnateur à l’éco-tourisme.
Expected Results: progettazione di un'offerta di soggiorni di "volontarismo", di un sentiero tematico di osservazione degli effetti del cambiamento climatico sulla fauna e sulla flora, di eco-escursioni fenologiche, di una formazione specifica per guide eco-turistiche.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Climate change and biodiversity  Tourism  
Specific Objective: Increase sustainable tourism in the ALCOTRA area
Thematic Objective: (6) preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency by:
Investment Priority: (6c) conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage

Project Summary

Project name (EN): TourScience
Project name: TourScience
Project name (Other language): TourScience
Project acronym: TourScience

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2019-08-02


Project start date: 2016-02-25
Project end date: 2017-10-24
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.093.884,57
European Union funding: EUR 929.801,92

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Torgnon Wild Nature - Il progetto
Type of document: Video / filmDate of the document: 2017-10Date of publication in 2019-01-31Language of the document: Italian

Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Regional Agency for the environmental protection of Aosta Valley
Lead Partner: Agenzia regionale per la protezione ambientale della Valle d'Aosta
Address: Località Grande Charrière, 44, Saint-Christophe, Italy
Legal status: public

Address: Frazione Mongnod n.4 Località Grande Charrière, 44, Torgnon, Italy
Legal status: public
Address: 67, lacets du Belvédère, Chamonix, France
Legal status: private

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