Project - Remote support of Aged people


Description (EN): The RemoAge project will tackle the challenge of supporting people with dementia and other frail older people to age in place in remote and sparsely populated areas of the northern periphery of Europe, where there are long distances and limited resource to meet the challenge. It will build on and roll out tested and evaluated service packages that will meet this challenge. The services have been designed and refined in an innovative way based on the experiences of the RemoDem project, implemented October 2012 to September 2014, and the experience from other relevant projects. The service package will include methods to support the frail older person with health and social care needs and their families in the home using, among other things, flexibility to peoples individual needs and an increased level of remote support. The expected results are improved access to personalized services in the area of direct support in daily life, support to family carers, support to health personnel, and increased involvement of the community. The innovative and new approach in the RemoAge project is that it will build on and take advantage of a strategy of transnational learning and exchange of experiences in the different modules that the services are targeting and test services that have not previously been implemented and rolled out as a comprehensive service package.
Expected Results (EN): Awareness and attitudes among health professionals towards the use of eHealth technologies
Expected Outputs (EN): The main results of the project will be that the RemoAge service packages will be rolled out and implemented on a large scale in the work of the different implementing partners in Scotland, Sweden, and Norway providing tools and strategies for the challenge of providing support to not only people with dementia but to frail older people in general living in remote areas. These services will be developed, based on existing knowledge from research and development in the area of support to people with dementia and other frail older people. Each of the implementing partners will test and introduce on average 4 services each, making a total number of services of about 28-30. In addition, through a special focus on transnational learning, innovative models addressing public service provision, tailored to the needs of each partner, will be developed. Thus a total of seven new approaches to service provision to frail older people adjusted to local contexts will be generated. The introduction of the RemoAge service package, will among other things, contribute to an increased use of technology in public service provision targeting people with dementia and frail older people, first of all by the implementing partners, and secondly by partners that follow the dissemination of the experiences of the RemoAge partners. The number of innovative technology-driven services/solutions for public service provision in remote areas introduced by the project is estimated to be 20.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Health and social services  Rural and peripheral development  Social inclusion and equal opportunities  
Specific Objective: Increased innovation within public service provision in remote, sparsely populated areas
Thematic Objective: (1) strengthening research, technological development and innovation by:
Investment Priority: (1b) promoting business investment in R&I, developing links and synergies between enterprises, research and development centres and the higher education sector, in particular promoting investment in product and service development, technology transfer, social innovation, eco-innovation, public service applications, demand stimulation, networking, clusters and open innovation through smart specialisation, and supporting technological and applied research, pilot lines, early product validation actions, advanced manufacturing capabilities and first production, in particular in key enabling technologies and diffusion of general purpose technologies

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Remote support of Aged people
Project acronym: RemoAge

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2018-12-27


Project start date: 2015-05-01
Project end date: 2018-04-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.999.951,90
European Union funding: EUR 1.230.287,72

Project documents

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Remoage_The_Value_Web.pdf (PDF document file)
The Value Web - organizational and Economic Evaluation of the RemoAge Services
Type of document: ReportDate of the document: Not availableDate of publication in 2018-07-12Language of the document: English
Ethical issues in the use of ICT as support for vulnerable older people to live longer in their homes - A review of literature
Type of document: ReportDate of the document: 2017-09Date of publication in 2018-07-12Language of the document: English
Exploring the role and impact of learning and transnational learning in the RemoAge project
Type of document: ReportDate of the document: Not availableDate of publication in 2018-07-12Language of the document: English
Summative evaluation report
Type of document: ReportDate of the document: 2018-04Date of publication in 2018-07-12Language of the document: English

Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Region Norrbotten
Lead Partner: Region Norrbotten
Department: Department of Research and Development
Address: Robertsviksgatan, Luleå, Sweden
Legal status: public

Department: Public Health
Address: South Beach Street, Stornoway, United Kingdom
Legal status: public
Department: School of Applied Social Science
Address: Stirling FK9 4LA, Stirling, United Kingdom
Legal status: public
Department: Public Health
Address: Montfield, Burgh Road, Lerwick, United Kingdom
Legal status: public
Address: Box 947, Luleå, Sweden
Legal status: public
Address: Postboks 35, Tromsø, Norway
Legal status: public
Department: Center for Innovation and eHealth
Address: Luleå, Sweden
Legal status: public

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