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Description (EN): Creative Momentum (CM) tackles the peripherality and distance to market challenges experienced by entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries across the Northern Periphery and Arctic area, as well as low economic diversity in these regions. It provides enterprise development and market expansion spaces, services and supports with a transnational focus. At the core of CM is a shared vision that good ideas should transcend distance and that creativity is not bounded by geography. CM recognises and embraces the comparative advantage of a peripheral perspective and works to enable creative industries in the NPA area to bring this unique perspective to the global stage. Creative Momentum: make it local; make it global.
Expected Results (EN): Conditions for start-ups in remote, sparsely populated areas
Expected Outputs (EN): Creative Momentum will provide “Improved support systems tailored for start-ups and existing SMEs in remote and sparsely populated areas” and thereby result in an improved entrepreneurial business climate which will promote entrepreneurship to realise the potential of the Programme Area’s competitive advantage. CM will target and support: 1.Creative and cultural industry start-ups, freelancers, micro and SMEs across the regions within the NPA area; 2.Municipal, academic and representative bodies that work with creative and cultural industries who want to support the industry itself and also ensure that the appropriate policies are embedded at Government level. CM will involve a programme of transnational supports in line with the four categories of transnational co-operation outlined in the NPA Strategy, i.e.: 1.Knowledge Transfer: existing economic development solutions will be transferred among the partner regions e.g. Network of Shared Creative Spaces, Video Pitching Toolkit and Demos; 2.Innovation: innovative solutions will be developed and applied in more than one country e.g. Creative Steps 2.0, Creative Trails, Model for Accessing Overseas Trade Fairs, Creative Exchanges, Creative Hotspots; 3.Development of Transboundary Products: the partners will work together to develop new services and implement these transnationally e.g. Mentoring in Internationalisation, Online Creative Knowledge Resource, Virtual Connections, Business Model Toolkit, Development of Online Marketplace; 4.Learning: ideas and good practice will be exchanged e.g Economic Impact Assessment, Creative Sector Index, Supports Assessment. Transnational entrepreneurial supports that will promote and sustain creative start-ups and existing micro-enterprises and SMEs in the NPA area will provide them with an opportunity to avail of spaces, services and supports that will result in the promotion and sustainability of entrepreneurship in NPA area creative industries. The CM project will result in: • Professional Growth via training, mentoring and transnational learning; • Business Growth via product, service and organisational innovation; • Network Growth via shared spaces and gatherings to meet regional and transnational collaborators/partners; • Market Place Growth via trade events, the tourist market and online platforms; • Creative Economy Growth via intelligence gathering and policy influence. The focus of CM will be on increasing creative sector entrepreneurship rates in the NPA area, including among under-represented groups, and improving the chances of success and growth for creative entrepreneurs. This will help to enhance the area’s entrepreneurial business climate. An important aspect will be showcasing successful creative entrepreneurs operating in the area to demonstrate their success and further encourage start-ups. This will help to retain young people and encourage entrepreneurship.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Rural and peripheral development  SME and entrepreneurship  
Specific Objective: Improved support systems tailored for start-ups and existing SMEs in remote and sparsely populated areas
Thematic Objective: (3) enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs by:
Investment Priority: (3a) promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and fostering the creation of new firms, including through business incubators

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Creative Momentum
Project acronym: Creative Momentum

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2019-09-10


Project start date: 2015-05-11
Project end date: 2018-05-10
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.949.627,73
European Union funding: EUR 1.250.619,73

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Lead Partner (EN): Western Development Commission
Lead Partner: Western Development Commission
Address: Dillon House, Ballaghaderreen, IRELAND
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Department: Development
Address: Lakeview Road 1, Craigavon, UNITED KINGDOM
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Department: Business and culture
Address: Kauppakatu 58, Tornio, Finland
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Address: Box 272, Härnösand, Sweden
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Department: Whitaker Institute
Address: University Road, Galway, IRELAND
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Address: Hafnarstræti 91, Akureyri, Iceland
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