Project - Managing Energy Utilisation and Consumption in Buildings


Description (EN): This project aims to increase the reliability of energy supply while reducing excess consumption through monitoring and control of energy systems to reduce waste and secondly, through the design of new, and the modification of existing public buildings and housing to reduce energy need through the use of renewable generation technology. As a main project it is expected to provide services in wireless sensor and monitoring technologies, integrating renewable sources into local micro-grids not currently being ulitised by many regions or integrated across NPA regions. Additionally, the project will raise awareness of new technology, demonstrations, and test beds.
Expected Results (EN): Preparedness of responsible authorities in remote, sparsely populated areas for environmental management in relation to climate change and impacts of new investments in exploitation of natural resources

Thematic Information

Thematics: Construction and renovation  Energy efficiency  Renewable energy  
Specific Objective: Increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in housing and public infrastructures in remote, sparsely populated areas
Thematic Objective: (4) supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors by:
Investment Priority: (4c) supporting energy efficiency, smart energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure, including in public buildings, and in the housing sector

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Managing Energy Utilisation and Consumption in Buildings
Project acronym: Manergy

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2018-12-27


Project start date: 2016-06-30
Project end date: 2016-11-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 44.658,89
European Union funding: EUR 29.028,28

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Lead Partner: Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Department: WiSAR Lab
Address: Port Road, , Co Donegal, Letterkenny, Ireland
Legal status: public

Department: Energy and automation
Address: Kotkantie 1,, Oulu, Finland
Legal status: public
Department: Environment and Regeneration Directorate
Address: 98 Strand Road, Derry, United Kingdom
Legal status: public

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