Project - Living with Cultural Heritage


Description (EN): The overall goal of the project participants is to learn from each other how to live, maintain and cherish a historical town, while preserving its characteristic environment and livability. This goal enhances the partners´ attractiveness as a tourist destination as well, because the enchantment of these historical towns is based on their character as a lively cultural environment. The approach of this project is community-based and participative. The key methods for adapting the goal through activities are social media, crowd sourcing and benchmarking. The methods are not new as themselves, but the way they adapt the key themes and the partners of this project is new and partially experimental. This project develops thematically joint tourist attractions based on cultural and natural resources in Rauma, Visby, Kuldiga and Aizpute. It also develops thematically and periodically joint tourist products with joint activity plans. Joint platforms for communication in social media enhance simultaneous activities, shared experiences and crowd-sourced innovations. These actions improve as well the living as the visiting environment. The starting point for all actions and activities is natural and cultural heritage and sustainable tourism. The project also builds up the capacity for conserving the outstanding universal values recognized as World Heritage values in Old Rauma, Visby and Kuldiga with the support of all partners.Reviving the craftsmen skills related to conservation and sharing this knowledge between partners will enhance the possibilities of partner towns to sustain their cultural historic value and to turn it into a tourist attraction. In addition, such exchange will facilitate opportunities for cross-border pooling of traditional building skills and services within the Baltic Region. All partners are balancing between conservation and development in order to cherish both cultural and natural heritage and livability.
Expected Results (EN): R2.1. More sustainable joint natural and cultural heritage based tourist attractions
Expected Outputs (EN): Main results shall be new thematically joint, periodical activities targeted as well for local people as for people in the region and tourists. In order to achieve these results people and organizations responsible for natural and cultural heritage in participating towns need to build up their capacity in skills and knowledge. This shall be implemented by joint learning process with benchmarking visits, local activities and sharing the local skills and knowledge hand-by-hand in workshops and digitally in social media.The project will produce 3 new joint tourist packages ( Bedtime stories, A cup of coffee, conservation and community, Flying fish), 2 new tourist attractions (Step in! A treasure hunt and Go under! Archaeological heritage), and 3 new identification and awareness raising packages (benchmark visits). New tourist packages and attractions are supported by 2 hand-by-hand learning activities for craftsmen skills and artistic intervention in cultural and natural environment.Knowledge, experiences and information shall be disseminated also by a joint publication manuscript produced during the project.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Cultural heritage and arts  Tourism  
Specific Objective: Natural and cultural resources developed into sustainable tourist attractions
Thematic Objective: (6) preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency by:
Investment Priority: (6c) conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Living with Cultural Heritage
Project acronym: LiviHeri

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2019-09-26


Project start date: 2015-09-01
Project end date: 2018-11-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 593.073,00
European Union funding: EUR 467.778,15

Project documents

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Kuldīgā īstenots projekts “Dzīvojam ar kultūras mantojumu”
Type of document: Video / filmDate of the document: 2018-05Date of publication in 2019-09-26Language of the document: Latvian
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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Rauma Town
Lead Partner: Rauman kaupunki
Department: City planning
Address: P.O.Box, Rauma, Finland
Legal status: public

Department: Workshop and residency centre Address: Atmodas iela 9 LV-3456 Aizpute, Latvia
Address: Robežu iela, Rīga, Latvia
Legal status: private
Department: Department of Restauration
Address: Baznicas street, Kuldiga, Latvia
Legal status: public
Department: Division of Built Environment
Address: Viborgsallen, Visby, Sweden
Legal status: public
Department: Department of Teacher Education, Rauma
Address: P.O. Box, Rauma, Finland
Legal status: public

Partners Location

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