Project - Peripheral Assisted Living


Description (EN): PAL will develop an intelligent stratified system to support healthy aging in rural communities.?The technology will aid early diagnosis, monitor lifestyle change and provide the ability of patients and the ageing population to live at home. The objective is to impact a range of healthcare needs across a number of rural areas in NPA regions by employing feature extraction and pattern recognition across a network of low-cost non-medical/environmental networked sensors in a home environment. The project aims to enhance existing assistive technologies by providing the capability to intelligently monitor and reason over activity and vital signs data and communicate these data in an effective manner to healthcare professionals. An overarching cognitive framework will be developed to reason in a human-like manner about an individuals health status using a sensorised environment designed to measure environmental conditions and collect personal health status information. The cognitive framework will provide personalised status and communicate with public health care services when necessary, providing recent and historical data that would be otherwise unavailable when the subject lives alone. Such information would enable public health services to prioritise their resources in rural areas, whilst also providing confidence to the elderly population to remain at home. The PAL cognitive framework will develop intelligent algorithms and utilise advanced sensors within the home for diagnosis and management of health and wellbeing. Sensorised data will provide knowledge with respect to both environmental conditions (room temperature, humidity, lights on etc.,) and activity recognition (person sitting, sleeping etc,) whilst intelligent algorithms will be used to process image data and provide additional contextual knowledge, adding robustness to the activity recognition and monitoring. Newly developed tactile sensing technologies will be used to monitor and record an individuals vital signs to ensure that health status is monitored effectively.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Health and social services  Rural and peripheral development  
Specific Objective: Increased innovation within public service provision in remote, sparsely populated areas
Thematic Objective: (1) strengthening research, technological development and innovation by:
Investment Priority: (1b) promoting business investment in R&I, developing links and synergies between enterprises, research and development centres and the higher education sector, in particular promoting investment in product and service development, technology transfer, social innovation, eco-innovation, public service applications, demand stimulation, networking, clusters and open innovation through smart specialisation, and supporting technological and applied research, pilot lines, early product validation actions, advanced manufacturing capabilities and first production, in particular in key enabling technologies and diffusion of general purpose technologies

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Peripheral Assisted Living
Project acronym: PAL

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2018-12-27


Project start date: 2018-04-01
Project end date: 2018-09-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 33.769,65
European Union funding: EUR 20.015,27

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Ulster University
Lead Partner: Ulster University
Department: Intelligent Systems Research Centre
Address: Northland Road, Londonderry, United Kingdom
Legal status: public

Department: Center for Machine Vision and Signal analysis (CMVS)
Address: Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Linnanmaa, Oulu, Finland
Legal status: public
Address: Bredgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden
Legal status: private
Department: Centre for Rural Health
Address: Centre for Health Science, Old Perth Road, Inverness, United Kingdom
Legal status: public
Address: Frendenborgsveien 24D, Oslo, Norway
Legal status: private

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