Project - Innovative Strategies for the development of green cross-border sectors


Description (EN): The main objective of the project is to consolidate firms from the territory and support the creation of new sectors for production and substances from natural origins in the field of nutraceutical, therapeutic and phytopharmaceutical, using the biodiversity richness of the cross-border territory.
Description: L’objectif général du projet est de consolider les entreprises du territoire et d’encourager la création de nouvelles filières pour la production et l’usage de substances d’origine naturelle dans le domaine nutraceutique (alicaments), thérapeutique et phytopharmaceutique, en tirant profit de la grande richesse de la biodiversité du territoire transfrontalier.
Description: L’obiettivo globale del progetto è di consolidare le imprese del territorio e di sostenere la creazione di nuove filiere per la produzione e l’uso di sostanze di origine naturale nell’ambito nutraceutico (cibo arricchito di elementi considerati come benefici per la salute), terapeutici e fitofarmaceutici, beneficando della ricchezza della biodiversità del territorio transfrontaliero.
Expected Results (EN): The project is a technical and economical itinerary to ameliorate or create new productive sectors of natural substances in the nutraceutical, therapeutic and phytopharmaceutical area. The project will be focused on the following ideas: • Glycerine extracts of bud and active principles of fungal species, to nutraceutical and therapeutic use. • Active principles of flora species (especially lavender) and microorganisms as biocides, repulsive or biostimulators for a sustainable management of cultures. It’ll also be one synergies between research and industries to develop innovation usable by industries to sustain strategies of the cross-border territory;
Expected Results: Le projet propose un itinéraire technique et économique pour l'amélioration ou la création de nouvelles filières productrices de substances naturelles dans le domaine de la nutraceutique, de la thérapeutique et de la phytopharmaceutique. Le projet se focalisera sur les lignes de production suivantes: • Extraits/macérats glycérinés de bourgeons et principes actifs des espèces fongiques, pour usages nutraceutiques et thérapeutiques. • Principes actifs des espèces de la flore (en particulier lavande) et des microorganismes comme biocides, répulsifs ou biostimulants pour une gestion durable des cultures. IL y aura une synergie entre la recherche et les entreprises pour développer innovation utilisable par les entreprises au soutien des stratégies du territoire transfrontalier.
Expected Results: Il progetto propone un itinerario tecnico ed economico per il miglioramento o la creazione delle nuove filiere produttive di sostanze naturale nell’ambito della nutraceutica, della terapeutica e della fitofarmaceutica. Il progetto sarà basato sulle linee di produzione seguente: • Estratto glicerato di gemme e principi attivi delle spezio fungine per l’uso nutraceutico e terapeutico. • Principi attivi delle spezie di flora (particolarmente la lavando) e dei microorganismi come biocidi, repulsivi o biostimolante per la gestione sostenibile delle culture. Sarà un sinergia tra le ricerche e le imprese per lo sviluppo di innovazioni utilizzabili dalle imprese a sostegno delle strategie del territorio transfrontaliero.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Climate change and biodiversity  New products and services  
Specific Objective: Increase innovation projects (especially clusters, poles and businesses) and develop innovative services across the borders
Thematic Objective: (1) strengthening research, technological development and innovation by:
Investment Priority: (1b) promoting business investment in R&I, developing links and synergies between enterprises, research and development centres and the higher education sector, in particular promoting investment in product and service development, technology transfer, social innovation, eco-innovation, public service applications, demand stimulation, networking, clusters and open innovation through smart specialisation, and supporting technological and applied research, pilot lines, early product validation actions, advanced manufacturing capabilities and first production, in particular in key enabling technologies and diffusion of general purpose technologies

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Innovative Strategies for the development of green cross-border sectors
Project name: Stratégies innovantes pour le développement des filières vertes transfrontalières
Project name (Other language): Strategie innovative per lo sviluppo degli settori transfrontalieri verdi
Project acronym: Finnover

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2018-11-20


Project start date: 2017-04-25
Project end date: 2020-04-24
Project status: Ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.898.130,00
European Union funding: EUR 1.613.410,50

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Lead Partner (EN): Regional Istitute for the floriculture
Address: Via Carducci n.12, SANREMO, Italy
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Address: 80 route des lucioles- Batiment O- Espace de Sophia 291, SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS CEDEX, France
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