Project - Hydrogen Utilisation & Green Energy


Description (EN): HUGE aims to address the necessity for assessing the hydrogen renewable energy chain from production through storage, transport and on to the end-user in the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) region. Many communities in the NPA are challenged by low economic diversity, resulting from their peripheral locations, dispersed demography and lack of critical mass. Simultaneously those remote, peripheral locations, have some of the best renewable energy resources in the world. On many occasions, if renewables are implemented, the generated electricity/heat is more than that required and utilised by the local population. At the same time the electric grid infrastructure in many of the remote locations is underdeveloped, resulting in the curtailment of green electricity production, and inefficient resource use as clean energy is left unexploited. Similar situations are encountered by communities/households living off-grid where excess energy is not harnessed, where otherwise it could be put into use if mechanisms existed. HUGE aims to overcome these barriers and challenges by building up capacity in communities to exploit the abundance of natural resources to their full potential. HUGE will achieve this by identifying viable technical processes for small scale operation, assessing feasible technical processes, and creating an operational, hydrogen utilisation business (HUB) model for communities to implement. The main advantage of hydrogen is that it is a flexible energy carrier, it can be produced from any regionally prevalent energy source and effectively transformed into any form of energy for diverse end-use applications - electricity, heat and transport. HUGE’s immediate targeted opportunity is diversifying the economy of remote, peripheral communities by developing the HUB model for local hydrogen supply chain development, while at the same time providing communities with energy security.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Renewable energy  
Specific Objective: Increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in housing and public infrastructures in remote, sparsely populated areas
Thematic Objective: (4) supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors by:
Investment Priority: (4c) supporting energy efficiency, smart energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure, including in public buildings, and in the housing sector

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Hydrogen Utilisation & Green Energy
Project acronym: HUGE

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2018-12-27


Project start date: 2018-06-01
Project end date: 2018-11-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 44.993,93
European Union funding: EUR 25.857,04

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Lead Partner (EN): North Highland College UHI
Lead Partner: North Highland College UHI
Department: Environmental Research Institute (ERI)
Address: Ormlie Rd, Thurso, KW14 8AN, United Kingdom
Legal status: public

Department: Energy and Process Engineering
Address: Kolbjoern Hejes vei, Trondheim, Norway
Legal status: public
Address: Grensasvegi, Reykjavik, Iceland
Legal status: private
Department: School of Chemistry
Address: University Road, Galway, Ireland
Legal status: public
Department: NGO
Address: Boucher Business Studios, Glenmachan Place, Belfast, United Kingdom
Legal status: private

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