Project - Fishing governance in MPAs: potentialities for Blue Economy 2


Description (EN): FishMPABlue 2 proposal is the follow-up of FishMPABlue 2007-2013 (from now on: FishMPABlue 1): as the first one carried out the analysis of the management of small scale fishery within and around an MPA, identifying the suitable change (enforcing MPA management capacities) to be achieved through a concrete response (innovative governance toolkit), as current proposal wants to test such toolkit to actually demonstrate its effectiveness in achieving expected results (strengthening the management - and networking - capacities of Med MPAs). The proposal fits concretely on Programme result indicator thanks to a scientifically sound study (FishMPABlue 1 results), a clear testing approach (where the monitoring of outcomes coming from toolkit testing is among key activities), a wide (thanks to networks of MedPAN & MedWet) results transfer strategy (exploiting already existing tools and channels); it creates the conditions for a potential mainstreaming into the whole Mediterranean region (thanks to the involvement of the main regional-national policy makers). Partnership is the FishMPABlue 1 one, enriched with other Med-region based actors and with the only existing Med network of small scale fishermen. Associates list has been enriched too with key policy makers at national level. Timeline (and so the project start) has been decided in relation with actual constraints (for the marine environment monitoring) and existing opportunities of synergy with other major dissemination events.
Description: FishMPABlue 2 est la suite de FishMPABlue: tandis que FishMPABlue analysé la gestion de la pêche artisanale à l'intérieur et autour d'une AMP, en identifiant le changement adapté (application des capacités de gestion d’une AMP) atteint grâce à une réponse concrète (boîte à outils de gouvernance innovante), FishMPABlue 2 souhaite tester cette boîte à outils afin de démontrer réellement son efficacité dans la réalisation des résultats escomptés (renforcement des capacités de gestion et de mise en réseau des AMP méditerranée). La proposition s’adapte concrètement au programme d'indicateur de résultat grâce à une étude scientifiquement valable (résultats de FishMPABlue), une approche claire par des tests (où les tests de la boîte à outils sont parmi les principales activités) et une large stratégie de transfert de résultats (grâce aux réseaux de MedPAN & MedWet); il crée les conditions d'une potentielle mainstreaming dans toute la région méditerranéenne (grâce à la participation des principaux décideurs politiques régionaux et nationaux). Les partenaires sont les mêmes du projet FishMPABlue, enrichis d'autres acteurs basés dans la région Med et avec le seul réseau Med existant de petits pêcheurs. La liste des associés a été enrichi avec les décideurs clés au niveau national. La chronologie du projet a été décidé en relation avec les contraintes réelles (pour le suivi de l'environnement marin) et les possibilités existantes de synergie avec d'autres grands événements de diffusion.
Expected Results (EN): 1 11 MPAs having tested and adopted the "governance toolkit" for small scale fishery in and around MPA : 11 MPAs will improve their conservation-related effectiveness and their capacity in managing one of the main human-based pressures for a MPA: local small scale fishery1 11 MPAs having tested and adopted the "governance toolkit" for small scale fishery in and around MPA : 11 MPAs will improve their conservation-related effectiveness and their capacity in managing one of the main human-based pressures for a MPA: local small scale fishery2 30 MPAs being trained for adapting and adopting the "governance toolkit", 5 of them with a formal commitment : 30 MPAs from 11 Med countries, thanks to WP "Local transfer", will be deeply trained on the "governance toolkit" and on the results of its testing in the 11 Pilot MPAs (also with on-site visits); they will be trained even on how to adapt it to their specific situation, at least 5 of them will be supported in order to formally commit themselves in its adoption and implementation.
Expected Outputs (EN): tested and upgraded version of the "governance toolkit",Evaluation Report on Pilot Actions results on MPAS territories,Pilot MPA engagement in Pilot Project implementation and upgraded toolkit adoption,Formal engagement in "Governance Toolkit" adoption and implementation,New concepts and procedures for associating conservation (MPAs) and sustainable fisheries (FRAs)

Thematic Information

Thematics: Agriculture and fisheries and forestry  Governance, partnership  
Specific Objective: To maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas
Thematic Objective: (6) preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency by:
Investment Priority: (6d) protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services, including through Natura 2000, and green infrastructure

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Fishing governance in MPAs: potentialities for Blue Economy 2
Project name: Gouvernance de la péche dans les AMP: potentialitès pour l'Economie Blue 2
Project acronym: FishMPABlue 2

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2019-05-24


Project start date: 2016-11-01
Project end date: 2019-10-31
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 3.500.000,00
European Union funding: EUR 2.975.000,00

ERDF budget: EUR 2.975.000,00

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Lead Partner (EN): The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves
Lead Partner: Fédération Italienne des Parcs et des Réserves Naturelles
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