Project - Heat and Anaerobic Digestion For District Heating


Description (EN): HANDIHEAT will focus on energy performance in rural housing and public infrastructure challenges in peripheral and arctic regions. It will support the development of jobs and renewable energy business opportunities provided by extreme conditions in rural communities. The overall objective will be to develop a set of resources; implementation toolkits, decision making guides and a roadmap for the rural community housing sector. Pilots will provide visible proof and an enduring guide to what can be achieved. Challenges including a lack of critical mass, widely dispersed settlements, poor accessibility and vulnerability to climate change effects are all well recognised. HANDIHEAT will equip stakeholders in the communities with the skills and confidence to overcome these challenges. Identification of energy resources and knowledge of innovative solutions in other regions will stimulate renewable energy and attract investment. We will review both policy and non-policy drivers in each NPA jurisdiction. Policy drivers many contain gaps which may be addressed by non-policy driven practices from across the NPA region. The viability of these will be assessed. Any gaps or barriers will be addressed through a robust community engagement and communications plan including lobbying activities. The project focuses on energy networks for rural communities such as housing, both social and private, which are subject to fuel inequity/poverty and reliant on imported fossil fuels for energy. The development of community energy systems will increase the vitality of rural businesses and lead to a reduction in fuel inequity for those identified as vulnerable. It is aimed at identified opportunities for example to identify anaerobic digestion feedstocks and other underutilised local energy resources. Sustainable solutions will protect rural communities from energy price fluctuations and improve the social wellbeing and quality of living throughout NPA regions.
Expected Results (EN): Awareness of energy efficiency opportunities and renewable solutions in housing sector and public infrastructures in remote and sparsely populated areas
Expected Outputs (EN): The project main result will have a positive impact on the programme result indicator 'awareness of energy efficiency opportunities and renewable solutions in housing sector and public infrastructures in remote and sparsely populated areas.' Geography, distance and climate present market access issues, isolating target communities from a reliable fuel supply. HANDIHEAT is designed to enhance the capabilities (including knowledge) of energy independent and fuel secure communities throughout the NPA regions by: - Identifying gaps in policy or regulations through consultation, followed by raising awareness with decision and policy makers. - Developing fuel supply solutions which are appropriate to sparsely populated areas, with local supply chains, therefore improving fuel security and reducing dependence on outside assistance. - Establishing local supply chains and using local resources to reduce the risk of exposure of households to cost increase. This may be affected by the direct cost of fuel or the distribution cost of fuel. The result is to equip communities with resources and a decision making toolkit to assess opportunities in their locality, providing a forum to introduce rural solutions at a national and policy level, to reduce fuel inequity. The main project result is achieved by increased awareness through consultation with broad stakeholder bases in rural communities and local government, and communication of programme opportunities at both community and national level. This is sustained beyond the funded time by producing materials which will live beyond the 36 months. These resources include online training materials and are detailed in the application, particularly WP T.3.3. The HANDIHEAT partnership will work together to achieve its objectives through key stakeholder networks in each region. This will include public housing and other housing organisations. It will focus on the potential to improve energy use in housing and raise awareness of its NPA regional research into policy and non-policy related activities in this area. The positive impact of the programme result will also be demonstrated with the pilot projects.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks  Renewable energy  
Specific Objective: Increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in housing and public infrastructures in remote, sparsely populated areas
Thematic Objective: (4) supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors by:
Investment Priority: (4c) supporting energy efficiency, smart energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure, including in public buildings, and in the housing sector

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Heat and Anaerobic Digestion For District Heating
Project acronym: HANDIHEAT

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2019-09-10


Project start date: 2018-10-01
Project end date: 2021-09-30
Project status: Ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 2.021.553,65
European Union funding: EUR 1.267.950,52

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Lead Partner (EN): Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE)
Lead Partner: Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE)
Address: Adelaide Street 2, Belfast, United Kingdom
Legal status: public

Address: Ballyhaunis Rd, Claremorris, MAYO, Ireland
Legal status: public
Address: Hagdale Industrial Estate 3, UNST, United Kingdom
Legal status: private
Department: Austurland’s Energy Transition
Address: Tjarnarbraut 39, Egilsstadir, Iceland
Legal status: public
Address: Tikkarinne 9, Joensuu, Finland
Legal status: public
Address: Sallys Wood 116-122, Irvinestown, United Kingdom
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Department: New business opportunities/ Energy solutions/ Joensuu
Address: Yliopistokatu 6 6, Joensuu, Finland
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