Project - Capitalising climate change projects in risk management for a better Atlantic Area resilience


Description (EN): In the past, communities have mainly operated in isolation from each other when dealing with climate change and disaster management. Greater cooperation would increase the effectiveness of reducing people’s vulnerability to rising insecurities and to strengthen the Atlantic Area resilience. This project responds to the urgent need to achieve this by closer collaboration with current initiatives and previous ones successfully carried out across Europe. Triple-C project is focused on the analysis, evaluation and capitalization of sucessful EU projects on the prevention and management of risks deriving from climate change, aiming at disseminating and transfering the best practices and results identified in this domain into policy making. The project specific objectives are: i) organize and update the results, methodologies and tools obtained from different projects in this field. ii) capitalize projects by exchange of good practices and experience among partners, as well as through identification of barriers and solutions and making recommendations. iii) assure the widest visibility and tranfer of results of project products, methodologies, activities and results at European level.
Description: Triple-C est ciblé sur l’analyse, l`évaluation et la capitalisation de projets européens réussis de prévention et de gestion des risques issus du changement climatique. Les partenaires collaboreront pour transférer les meilleures pratiques identifiées pour que leurs résultats soient tenus en compte par les politiques régionales et européennes. Le travail de capitalisation pourra ainsi servir aux orientations de la prochaine génération de Programmes de coopération transnationale.
Description: Triple-C se centra en el análisis, evaluación y capitalización de proyectos europeos exitosos de prevención y gestión de riesgos derivados del cambio climático. El partenariado del proyecto colaborará para transferir las mejores prácticas identificadas con el fin de que sus resultados sean tenidos en cuenta por las políticas regionales y europeas. El trabajo de capitalización podrá ser de utilidad para las orientaciones de la próxima generación de Programas de cooperación transnacional. Triple-C está focado na análise, avaliação e capitalização dos projetos europeus com reconhecido sucesso na prevenção e gestão de riscos decorrentes das alterações climáticas. Os parceiros irão colaborar entre si na transferência das melhores práticas identificadas, com o objetivo final de transferir os resultados selecionados para as políticas regionais e europeias. Estes resultados de capitalização também servirão de base para a próxima geração de programas de cooperação transnacional.
Expected Results (EN): Knowledge gained during the project implementation will be mainstreamed and transferred towards local regional and national public policies, to improve the prevention and management of risks associated to climate change in the Atlantic area regions. Moreover, the platform and the Guidelines produced will enrich and provide support for the next generation of EU funded projects to build upon the experience gained.
Expected Outputs (EN): • Triple-C platform and the compendium of capitalised projects will share the best practices across Europe on the management and prevention of risk associated to climate change. • Research missions, Knowledge events and networking activities carried out by the partnership will create synergies among projects and partners and build up a ‘network of networks’. • Guidelines for the next generation of EU cooperation programmes dealing with climate change risk management and the encounters with policy makers. • The Final conference to be held in Brussels will contribute to communicate that mainstreaming of mitigation and adaptation climate change and related risks management and prevention. The activities will cover an estimate population of 800.000 people benefiting from flood protection and forest fire measures.

Thematic Information

Thematics: Managing natural and man-made threats, risk management  Climate change and biodiversity  
Specific Objective: Strengthening risks management systems
Thematic Objective: (5) promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management by:
Investment Priority: (5b) promoting investment to address specific risks, ensuring disaster resilience and developing disaster management systems

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Capitalising climate change projects in risk management for a better Atlantic Area resilience
Project name: Capitalisation de projets de risques liés au changement climatique pour une meilleure résilience de l'Espace Atlantique
Project name (Other language): Capitalizando proyectos de riesgos ligados al cambio climático para una mejor resiliencia del Espacio Atlántico / Capitalizando projetos sobre alterações climáticas e gestão de riscos para uma melhor resiliência do Espaço Atlântico
Project acronym: Triple-C

Period: 2014-2020
Date of latest update: 2019-08-08


Project start date: 2019-01-01
Project end date: 2021-06-30
Project status: Ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.671.264,80
European Union funding: EUR 1.253.448,60

ERDF budget: EUR 1.253.448,60
ENI budget: EUR 0,00
IPA budget: EUR 0,00
ERDF equivalent budget: EUR 0,00

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Lead Partner (EN): Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest
Lead Partner: Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest
Address: Agen, France
Legal status: private

Address: Madrid, Spain
Legal status: public
Address: Vila Real, Portugal
Legal status: public
Address: Coimbra, Portugal
Legal status: public
Address: Limerick, Ireland
Legal status: public
Address: Stoke Climsland, United Kingdom
Legal status: private
Address: Derio (BIZKAIA), Spain
Legal status: private
Address: PERIGUEUX, France
Legal status: public

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