Project - Cultural and historical heritage for sustainable social and economical development of fortress triangle area Aluksne- Vastseliina- Izborsk


Description: The overall objectives of the project: strengthening of cross-border relations fostering economic development in the border areas supporting municipal co-operation widening people to people contacts facilitation of SME development The specific objectives of the project: improvement of tourism infrastructure (Watchtower in Vastseliina bridge in Aluksne fortress) development and creation of cross-border tourism route preparation of follow-up actions for upgrading fortress complexes( technical projects for Alukne fortress preservation and Vastseliina visitors centre; activity plan for Vastseliina complex) enhancing co-operation between Aluksne town and Vastselina municipality and creation of sustainable circumstances for further common actions. As the long-term impact of the project it is expected that new jobs will be created and more tourists will be attracted also the imago of destinations will be improved.
Achievements: Progress report Project 'Three Fortresses' steering committee formed by teams of all partners was content with project results. Most important result was good cooperation between three partners. All sides ready to continue cooperation. Three succesiful experience exchange seminars took place. Participated 47 specialits from parner countries. Students from three countries tested our tourism destinations and get more information about neighbours. One task we expect was get new project activities to run in cooperation in future. Steering commettee was met 5 times in last periode and 8 times in all project periode. Main activities in our project and important tourism infrastructure objects- bridge in Aluksne recontructed and tower in Vastseliina is preserved and adjusted as watchtower. The activity plan of Vastseliina fortress complex is worked ou in second periode and it was on of inputs to technical design. Technical design of Vastseliina fortress complex visitors centre is composed. The archelogical surveys in Aluksne are carried out. The websites to Aluksne and Vastseliina websites on fortresses and tourism route are composed. Model of Aluksne fortress are made. Stands in Aluksne composed and made. Stands in Vastseliina are composed.

Thematic Information

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Cultural and historical heritage for sustainable social and economical development of fortress triangle area Aluksne- Vastseliina- Izborsk
Project acronym: Three fortresses

Period: 2000-2006
Date of latest update: 2015-03-31


Project status: Ongoing

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 320.848,00
European Union funding: EUR 240.636,00

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Vastseliina Rural Municipality
Lead Partner: Vastseliina Rural Municipality
Address: Vastseliina, Estonia
Legal status: n/a

Address: Aluksne, Latvia
Legal status: n/a

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