Project - COMRISK: Common Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Storm Floods in Coastal Lowlands


Description: The project aimed at sustainable coastal risk management in the North Sea Region through exchange of experience and common evaluation and pilot studies. It addressed the following aspects of risk management: Improvement of policies and strategies, common strategic planning tools, participation methods and performance indicators as well as common technical methods.
Achievements: ComRisk addressed the issue of improved protection from coastal floods (i.e., coastal risk management) through a transfer and evaluation of knowledge and methods as well as common pilot studies. The projects contributed with nine studies on specific aspects of coastal risk management were conducted. In five evaluation studies, information from all participating countries was gathered and evaluated. In four pilot studies, state of the art risk assessments were carried out to test and evaluate newest methods for achieving the risk. In the cause of the project, seven expert workshops (about 140 participants) and a final conference (87 participants) were organised to exchange and evaluate experiences as well as to disseminate project results. In two pilot studies, local contacts groups were established to involve local knowledge. A final brochure and a technical report were published at the end of the project to disseminate outcomes to the general public as well as to coastal risk managers. The project ran under the auspices of the North Sea Coastal Managers Group. This network consists of high level coastal risk managers and officers from supreme authorities around the North Sea that meet once per year on an informal basis. One of the deficits acknowledged during these meetings was the lack of time to exchange experiences (due to other obligations). COMRISK was seen as a way to intensify this exchange which turned out to be very successful. As a consequence, the INTERREG IIIB project SAFECOAST was organised as a follow up of COMRISK to continue the more intensive networking.

Project Summary

Project name (EN): COMRISK: Common Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Storm Floods in Coastal Lowlands
Project acronym: COMRISK

Period: 2000-2006

Project start date: 2002-02-25
Project end date: 2005-06-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.843.420,00
European Union funding: EUR 921.712,00

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Lead Partner (EN): Schleswig-Holstein State Ministry of the Interior
Lead Partner: Schleswig-Holstein State Ministry of the Interior
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