Project - Security of Supply and Patient Safety through Good Distribution Practice in the Life Sciences Sector


Description: Supply Chain security and control are key issues for the pharmaceutical industry. The project addresses the question of how to enhance the security and control of complex pharmaceutical supply chains, while reducing administrative red tape and facilitating trade and resulting in maximum patient safety. In recent decades, the Life Sciences industry has produced increasingly sophisticated products, to meet the growing needs of both developed and developing countries. The production of these products is regulated by World Health Organisation and EU procedures of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). However, there has not been a co-ordinated response to ensuring these products are transported and stored in the correct manner, ensuring that they are delivered as produced. This project aims to build a framework of both certified and non-certified training that addresses the entire supply chain from raw material stage to final dispensing to the patient. Project Objectives This project will set a benchmark standard for the sector that could be extended and replicated at an international level. The importance of GDP is outlined in the EU Guidance on Distribution Practice in Directive 92/25/EEC published by the Commission. Training is a critical ingredient for success to oversee that the correct staff are adequately trained. 1. Agree technology and data standards to be used; • Packing , marking • Temperature control mapping • Tamper resistant control (anti-counterfeiting/bio-terrorism procedures) • Movement monitoring, RFID (radio frequency identification) • Reverse logistics (disposal of expired products) 2. Implement enhanced customs / taxation compliance with Electronic Product code information service; 3. Develop a web-based Knowledge management tool for the sector, to assist lifelong learning in the supply chain secto

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Security of Supply and Patient Safety through Good Distribution Practice in the Life Sciences Sector
Project acronym: SSPSGDP

Period: 2007-2013


Project start date: 2010-11-01
Project end date: 2013-11-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.300.000,00
European Union funding: EUR 975.000,00

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Lead Partner: Irish Exporters Association
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