Project - The Intelligent Engine II


Description: The project partnership will focus on the advancement of vehicle engine technology, drawing on its substantial experience in the fields of laser-optical and intelligent signal processing engine diagnostics techniques. Very high-pressure air-fuel media require highly sophisticated methods of measurement to facilitate characterization of dense sprays and to measure temperature profiles. New techniques are needed for handling, analysing and exploiting large volumes of complex data, generated during internal combustion engine design and evaluation; these new techniques will also be invaluable in other situations where modern technology makes available vast amounts of information-rich data.

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Project Summary

Project name (EN): The Intelligent Engine II
Project acronym: The Intelligent Engine II

Period: 2000-2006

Project status: Ongoing

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Lead Partner (EN): CORIA UMR CNRS 6614
Lead Partner: CORIA UMR CNRS 6614
Address: Saint Etienne, France
Legal status: n/a

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