Project - Innovative Space Satellite Monitoring of the Environmental Natural Resources of the Cross–border Area Greece – Albania


Description: The project aims at establishing an innovative & cost effective solution for monitoring the Natural Resources of Greece & Albania cross – border areas. The project addresses, among others the monitoring of environmental changes and the relationship between human activities & wildlife & nature in the broader areas of Greece & Albania. The objectives of the project are: - Monitoring the natural resources of the whole cross border area - Provision of probability based vulnerability assessments - Provision of thematic digital and hardcopy maps of the areas covered with climate change impacts and adaptation - Extensive use of tools for climate change impacts and adaptation data management and modeling - Contribution to the development of existing local, regional, national and European networks for global change impact and adaptation - Strong Dissemination of knowledge and results to the local administrators and stakeholders - Derivation of critical impact factors for the environmental impacts for the designing of policy targets and adaptation measures concerning climate protection in the area of coverage
Expected Results: The expected results of the project are as follows: - Completed asssessment of existing situation regarding the emissions of gases, the areas that suffered from fire, the water pollution, the conditions of forests regarding their health, the condition of national parks, etc. - Acquisition by the local authorities of a useful tool for the on time warning of local population, the restrictions of impacts of environmental problems, etc. - Measures for the restriction of pollution, fires, for improving the current situation or for adopting alternative sollutions depending on the level of pollution or damage - Direct knowledge of the impacts that the gas emmissions from power stations, the wild fires to forests, the pollution of rivers and lakes, etc. will have to local populations of the areas. SSMNatuRe will enable all the local authorities of participating areas to test and refine pollution abatement strategies. The economic benefit from the reduction of air pollution, of fire damaged areas, from the improvement of water resources, of the health of forests, etc. is very high. The benefits are important for the local authorities and local population because the economic sources that gained through the implementation of the project will be used for development actions and improvement of life conditions. At the same time, SSMNatuRe will enable optimisation of on-the-ground monitoring networks and will help to harmonise reporting in line with EU policy targets.

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Innovative Space Satellite Monitoring of the Environmental Natural Resources of the Cross–border Area Greece – Albania
Project acronym: SSMNatuRe

Period: 2007-2013
Date of latest update: 2016-06-30


Project start date: 2012-04-01
Project end date: 2013-09-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 422.131,30
European Union funding: EUR 350.726,70

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Region of Western Macedonia
Address: ZEP Area, KOZANI, Greece
Legal status: n/a

Address: Lagja "Isa Boletini", tek Banka Intesa San Paolo, Kati III, VLORE, Albania
Legal status: n/a
Address: Qafa Pazarit, GJIROKASTER, Albania
Legal status: n/a
Address: Rruga "Ismail Qemali", Pall 2k, Ap 25, TIRANA, Albania
Legal status: n/a
Address: Konitsa, KONITSA, Greece
Legal status: n/a

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