Project - Atlantic Salmon Arc Project

the Programme: 2000 - 2006 Atlantic Area


Description: The ASAP project proposes an innovatory approach to the conservation of the salmon by the utilisation of genetic analyses and data-bases to respond to well-defined challenges, such as the maintenance of genetic diversity to ensure the species’ capacity for adaptation, the understanding of genetic differentiation, which may be linked to the needs of adaptation to local conditions, as well as the conservation of bio-diversity. ASAP will facilitate the establishment of a strategy of conservation at an autonomous level, which will be integrated with the Directive on the common water policy and also at a wider pan-European level. This makes it possible to manage multiple populations at all phases of their life-cycle by means of trans-national partnerships and exchanges of information. To this end, ASAP will develop a standard methodology for the economic evaluation of the Atlantic salmon on a regional basis, which will supply economic indicators facilitating planning and decision-making.
Achievements: ✔ The cooperation between the different member States has led to the delivery of a tool to provide trans-national management of salmon in international and far-away waters ✔ The ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) has invited the ASAP project to present its results at the international conference in Helsinki ✔ The ASAP database of genetically different salmon populations in the Atlantic Arc region forms the cornerstone of a larger database being developed by NASCO (North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation) to complete the register of species including the Russian, Baltic, Scandinavian and American populations of Atlantic salmon, ✔ International collaborations have begun to develop the results of ASAP beyond the geographic scale and timescale of the project. ✔ The involvement in the project of numerous non-partner organisations outside the geographic area of the project (Irish Marine Institute, The American United States Geological Service, Russian and Scandinavian Universities, private companies, and the Scottish fishing research departments) confirms the project's added value. Moreover, the Chairman of NASCO, Dr. Ken Whelan, has publicly recognised the role of the ASAP project by highlighting this international group effort to save salmon.

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Atlantic Salmon Arc Project
Project acronym: ASAP

Period: 2000-2006
Date of latest update: 2014-04-05

Project start date: 2003-06-01
Project end date: 2008-01-22
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.361.549,34
European Union funding: EUR 777.959,00

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Lead Partner (EN): Westcountry Rivers Trust
Lead Partner: Westcountry Rivers Trust
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