Project - Joint measures for promotion of new start ups in vocational schools in Kaunas and Zemgale regions


Description: The Project “Start Ups Promotion” is developed by the Enterprise Initiative from Lithuania (LP) and Zemgale Planning Region from Latvia. Project activities are planned to take place in Kaunas and Zemgale regions, involving a wide range of social partners from both private and governmental sectors. The idea of the project is to encourage young people from vocational schools to start business and thus to turn them into citizens who would be able to create jobs and provide employment opportunities for others. The basic objective of the project is to develop an effective system that would stimulate youth entrepreneurship sense and capacite them to start and expand their business, especially in the context of Latvia and Lithuania cooperation. During the project experienced entrepreneurs from Lithuania and Latvia will go to the meetings (that will take place in both local vocational schools and a foreign country schools) with young students in vocational education institutions with the aim to present their own best experience. It would be similar to inspirational seminars and would motivate young people to start their own business. The project will seek to encourage students from vocational education institutions to adopt at least simple forms of business and in this way to conform their gained competences. Later, the project participants would be involved in the exercises based on the simulation games. Thus they would be provided with basic practical business development skills. The final stage of the project will initiate young people o consulting activities. Professional consultant will help students from vocational schools to take practical steps developing their own business. The project is widely orientated towards cross border cooperation, allowing project to involve partners that would share their experience of developing entrepreneurship encouragement methods and vocational schools students from both participating countries to work and learn together. Especially important is the cross sector cooperation between governmental and non-governmental institutions, and cooperation between experienced entrepreneurs and vocational schools.
Expected Results: During the project at least 87 business plans will be developed and 11 new business will be started. It will guarantee at least 15 new working places just after project is finished and huge potential for additional business and working places creation by other project participants in longer perspective. The links between business, educational institutions and vocational schools students will be developed, thus giving young people better chances to successfully enter labour market. During the motivational lectures the contact bank will be created. Businessmen and vocational schools contacts base will be developed for further usage by business and educational institutions. A three-lingual (Latvian, Lithuanian, English) internet page of the project will be created. It will contain a timetable of project events, project news, a blog with the thoughts of project coordinators and participants. The motivational lectures will be published in this website as well. In the end of the project, the website will be adopted for further usage: e-manual will be published, information about vocational schools and entrepreneurship will be regularly updated.

Thematic Information

Thematics: SME and entrepreneurship  

Project Summary

Project name (EN): Joint measures for promotion of new start ups in vocational schools in Kaunas and Zemgale regions
Project acronym: Start ups promotion

Period: 2007-2013
Date of latest update: 2014-04-05


Project start date: 2012-03-06
Project end date: 2013-09-06
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 123.929,20
European Union funding: EUR 105.339,82

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Partners Data

Lead Partner (EN): Enterprise initiative
Lead Partner: VšI "Verslo iniciatyva"
Address: Savanoriu pr. 281-405, Kaunas, Lithuania
Legal status: n/a

Address: Katolu iela 2b, Jelgava, Latvia
Legal status: n/a

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