Project - Transit Systems Development for Urban Regeneration


Description: Urban public transport systems such as tramways, buses, and light rail systems not only enhance overall mobility in cities they also improve environmental conditions and generate wider benefits related to economic development and urban regeneration. However, in planning, implementing, and maintaining public transport systems, urban areas typically face a number of challenges including high investment costs, lengthy planning and implementation phases, the need to reorganize the urban road network, and the need for public subsidies to sustain operation. Overall objective / Objectif général The overall aim of “TranSUrban- Transit Systems Development for Urban Regeneration” is to exchange experience and transfer know-how concerning the planning, implementation and operation as well as the extension and upgrading of urban transit systems in small and medium sized cities. Issues to be addressed by the partnership of cities include technical aspects as well as accompanying measures, the institutional and legal frameworks, funding mechanisms, and procedures to evaluate the potential environmental and urban regeneration benefits as well as socio-economic impacts. Expected results / Résultats attendus The operation results in more effective introduction and operation of urban transit systems. It increases awareness among policy-makers, citizens and other local stakeholders about the benefits of urban transit systems and provides participating urban areas with improved information and decision-making tools and improved transport and mobility policies. Activities include the analysis of the present situation in participating urban areas, including market research and travel behavior analysis. Based on feasibility and financing studies and joint socio-economic assessments of benefits, partners develop strategic and operational plans for their areas. Partners document activities in reports and guidelines such as a good practice handbook and a technical manual and present results in a range of workshops and conferences.

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Project Summary

Project name (EN): Transit Systems Development for Urban Regeneration
Project acronym: TranSUrban

Period: 2000-2006
Date of latest update: 2016-07-31


Project start date: 2005-04-01
Project end date: 2007-09-30
Project status: Closed

Total budget/expenditure: EUR 1.410.753,20
European Union funding: EUR 835.376,60

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Address: Lachana 5 & Limnou Street, Volos, Greece
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Address: Shire Hall Cambridge, CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom
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Address: Via Carlo Meyer 59, Livorno, Italy
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Address: Nikomidias 2, Nea Ionia of Magnesia, Greece
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Address: Peter Jordan Strasse 82, Wien, Austria
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