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The tables below show how is representative of the European programmes it covers (how many programmes feature projects in and their projects (how many projects feature in versus overall actually existing projects).  
For a detailed information on the reliability of the data in, programme by programme, please refer to the programmes list and to the information on each programme.
For the description of the methods of collecting, processing and publishing data in, as well as the the overall picture regarding data in, please refer to FAQ (all questions about data).

Last update: 13/02/2020
Date of last update of overall figures: 28/01/2020
Foreseen date of next update of overall figures: 30/04/2020

Territorial cooperation projects

Programme type2000-20062007-20132014-2020
In keep.euOverall%In keep.euOverall%In keep.euOverall%
Interreg Cross-border6004869069%6758725093%3319414680%
Interreg Transnational1131118396%11481148100%951102593%
Interreg Networking363363100%333333100%355355100%
ENPI/ENI Cross-border922922100%19330364%
Interreg-IPA Cross-border63380279%43754580%

Territorial cooperation programmes

Programme type2000-20062007-20132014-2020
In keep.euOverall%In keep.euOverall%In keep.euOverall%
Interreg Cross-border626497%5555100%506083%
Interreg Transnational1313100%121392%121580%
Interreg Networking177100%34100%3475%
ENPI/ENI Cross-border1212100%81553%
Interreg-IPA Cross-border88100%1010100%
1 Networking programme Interact has no projects, hence it adds up to the number of networking programmes (4) but is not taken into account for the percentage (%) of programmes with projects in

Programmes with project data in

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